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Crazy Tired

I’m ready for bed but can’t go to sleep, again. So the dogs are growing gooseberries or is that mulberries, or maybe I am just seeing in purple in a field of tiredness. Where does the mind wander when it’s alone in its bed? Continue reading

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Lost Loved Ones

Suicides are such tragic affairs. The event causes a ripple that passes over many people. What are the parents thinking? Do they feel guilt; a belief that they could have helped somehow? Did they even know that their son, or … Continue reading

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Swift Stream

It’s strange to hear on the news that Robert Hughes is dead. He has been making outrageous statements all my artistic life. The greater the number of people that die, who have impinged on my life, the faster life’s stream … Continue reading

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Fighting the Spell Checker

Yet again, the spell checker is fighting me with my attempt at discourse. In my desire to communicate, I am trying to use several big words that it knows I am unable to spell correctly. I know people whose lips … Continue reading

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Photography is simply a tool.

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In November 2012, thousands flocked to far north Queensland from all over the world to view the full eclipse. In Townsville, we knew there’d only be a partial eclipse, but still some of us thought this event important enough to … Continue reading

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Breathe in deep, breathe in peace, breathe in silence as it were a sweet perfume born on the breeze. Continue reading

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