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Stillness Defined in Art

Geoffrey Smart on an ABC documentary, screened on the 27th November, quoted T. S. Elliot’s ‘still point’ and discussed the value of the written word as opposed to music as opposed to painting. He said it wasn’t until he realized … Continue reading

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Where the Gods Dance

As I drive over Rooney’s Bridge, the moon’s golden face smiles across the mangrove tree and mudflats, emphasizing their absorption of light. The mudflats, however, eagerly await the dancing tread of the gods. I’m sure if I left the huddle … Continue reading

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Vignette Twilight

The traffic lights are on red for the cars coming from every direction. Even the train lights are crimson. To the west, the dying orange glow of the sinking sun colours a sky not yet turned indigo. The lights change … Continue reading

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The Power of Emotion

Humans like to think they operate mainly using reason but the truth is we don’t give anywhere near enough recognition to the primitive brain and its effects on our emotions. It’s a rare story that succeeds even though the characters … Continue reading

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Lost Loved Ones

Suicides are such tragic affairs. The event causes a ripple that passes over many people. What are the parents thinking? Do they feel guilt; a belief that they could have helped somehow? Did they even know that their son, or … Continue reading

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Swift Stream

It’s strange to hear on the news that Robert Hughes is dead. He has been making outrageous statements all my artistic life. The greater the number of people that die, who have impinged on my life, the faster life’s stream … Continue reading

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