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Poetry & Print

Over a three month period this year, I wrote over thirty poems as an adjunct to my print exhibition, Moon Phase: Chasing Transcendence. I’ve inserted one page I designed with both the image and the accompanying poem. When writing I … Continue reading

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Graeme’s third novel, Jailbait, is now available at To find out more about the book and to read the chapter go to his blog site at Graeme Buckley Author Blog

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Write Cafe Residency Program

As you can see from the poster, I’m one of the writers hired by Townsville Writers & Publishers Centre to take part in their Write Cafe Residency Program. They were funded by a Copyright Agency Cultural Fund grant. To find … Continue reading

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Townsville: a portrait.

The unkind call it Brownsville. They forget the sound of the rain drumming on the roof, the water running down the footpaths, streaming along gutters, gurgling down drains. They forget how it rains day after day and how the plants … Continue reading

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Stillness Defined in Art

Geoffrey Smart on an ABC documentary, screened on the 27th November, quoted T. S. Elliot’s ‘still point’ and discussed the value of the written word as opposed to music as opposed to painting. He said it wasn’t until he realized … Continue reading

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Where the Gods Dance

As I drive over Rooney’s Bridge, the moon’s golden face smiles across the mangrove tree and mudflats, emphasizing their absorption of light. The mudflats, however, eagerly await the dancing tread of the gods. I’m sure if I left the huddle … Continue reading

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Vignette Twilight

The traffic lights are on red for the cars coming from every direction. Even the train lights are crimson. To the west, the dying orange glow of the sinking sun colours a sky not yet turned indigo. The lights change … Continue reading

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The Power of Emotion

Humans like to think they operate mainly using reason but the truth is we don’t give anywhere near enough recognition to the primitive brain and its effects on our emotions. It’s a rare story that succeeds even though the characters … Continue reading

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