Lost Loved Ones

Suicides are such tragic affairs. The event causes a ripple that passes over many people. What are the parents thinking? Do they feel guilt; a belief that they could have helped somehow? Did they even know that their son, or daughter, was depressed? Do they feel that maybe they could have been more understanding? Or are they at a complete loss as to what happened?
And what of the person who was driven to take such drastic action. Was a broken marriage, the bust up of a relationship, and low self-esteem the catalyst? Was he, or she, ill? Could he have had undiagnosed bi-polar, or did he not take his medication? Was his suicide a spur of the moment decision or a long, slowly evolving determination? Whatever the cause, would he have done it if he had understood the consequences, not only on his parents, relatives and friends, but also on their friends and all who hear about it? One life taken can affect a hundred people to varying degrees. Only parents and those who have lost a sibling can truly begin to understand the horror of this tragedy, but others will sit stunned and question their own life in relation to the suicide.

About Lynn

Lynn is a visual artist and writer with over 35 years experience. She has a Master in Creative Arts degree from James Cook University.
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