Living in the Tropic 1

I don’t think those who live in countries such as England, Ireland, or Wales, understand the verdancy, vibrancy, or glamour of the greens, with which nature blesses us. When it hasn’t rained for three months and the landscape has turned to shades of brown we who live in the dry tropics forget what it is like when the rains have come. We forget what it is like to look out at green grass, greenery in all its variations, subtleties, and its exquisiteness. We forget the sensation of it playing our moods with all the finesse of a master bard. Then it rains and our souls sing, our spirits soar, as everything starts to grow, streaking to the sky in an exultant rush.

About Lynn

Lynn is a visual artist and writer with over 35 years experience. She has a Master in Creative Arts degree from James Cook University.
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