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Roving Artists at Cotters Market

Today, Prudence Terry and I made page 10 of the Townsville Bulletin. We are among several artists employed as roving artists by Townsville City Council’s gallery services as part of their promotion for the Glencore Percival Portrait Painting Prize at … Continue reading

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Graeme’s third novel, Jailbait, is now available at amazon.com. To find out more about the book and to read the chapter go to his blog site at Graeme Buckley Author Blog

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Printmaking and the Mystery of a Barracuda

As part of my PressNorth residency at Umbrella Studios, I am creating a series of linocuts based on the benthos region (sea floor) of Townsville shores. Graeme and I went to Geoffrey Bay on Magnetic Island this week on another … Continue reading

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PressNorth Printmakers Residency

Wonderful news. I’ve just been selected to do the PressNorth Printmakers 3 month funded residency for 2015/16 at Umbrella Studios. Both are great Townsville art groups to join, if you are not already a member. Their website addresses are: http://pressnorthprintmakers.com/Continue reading

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The Self-Inflicted Tribulations of the Artist

Come the Raw Prawn  is on display at the Museum of Tropical Queensland in the Colours of the Coral: Reef Art Exhibition until 31st August 2014 . Whilst cursing myself and wondering what on earth possessed me to elect to … Continue reading

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