Please Take a Seat

image of the text on the wall in the vault

Please Take a Seat text on the first and second wall, reading from left to right.

I recently had an installation in the Vault Space at Umbrella Studio. It consisted of four verses of prose about chronic pain. The responses I got for ‘just words’ were fascinating. One person told me it made them cry. Others said they didn’t like it, the piece was too negative. Others loved it. The Vault Space is an actual safe that is no longer in use.  My audience were in the vault – with the door open – when they read these words:

Imagine you are in a vault
You can’t get out
No-one will find you
And there is not enough air
That vault is your mind

You are in pain
That pain has locked
You in your body
You cannot free yourself
You are locked
In with your pain

Imagine you are in a vault
Your mind is locked
In with your pain
There is no air
Only pain

Now walk outside
Look up at the sky
and breathe.

About Lynn

Lynn is a visual artist and writer with over 35 years experience. She has a Master in Creative Arts degree from James Cook University.
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2 Responses to Please Take a Seat

  1. rosepoetartist says:

    Lynn, this is terrific and must have been a visceral experience being in the vault. And, the relief of escape! BTW I hope you told the person who said it was too negative that pain is too negative. Love your work…


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